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Consolidated financial statements

Consolidated statement of income

For the year ended 31 December (EUR million)

Grid expenses3.2.1-2,111-1,470
Personnel expenses3.2.2-191-183
Depreciation and amortisation of assets4.1, 5.1-629-596
Other operating expenses3.2.3-205-223
Other (gains)/losses-9-10
Total operating expenses-3,145-2,482
Share in profit of joint ventures and associates5.36978
Operating profit900439
Finance income97
Finance expenses3.3-179-166
Finance result-170-159
Profit before income tax730280
Income tax expense3.4-177-38
Profit for the year553242
Profit attributable to:
Equity holders of ordinary shares6.2.1442134
Hybrid securities6.2.13533
Owners of the company477167
Non-controlling interests6.2.27675
Profit for the year553242

Earnings per share attributable to the equity holders of ordinary shares

For the year ended 31 December (EUR per share)

Basic and diluted earnings per share3.52,255710