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Summary of stakeholder activities

StakeholderType of dialogueWhat we discussed and achieved in 2017Priorities for 2018
Governments, political parties and regulatory bodiesInformative and close involvement• Concluded Netstabilitätsanlage (net stability) discussion in Germany and preparing implementation. • Developed best practice consultation process to encourage a new and innovative approach that includes stakeholders and municipalities at an early stage. • The latest grid concepts – where innovative DC-technologies and an artificial island are being considered - have been realized in close cooperation with Government and in alignment with stakeholders such as Industry, NGO's and others. • The North Sea Wind Power Hub. consortium has been initiated and started with several studies and investigates relevant technical, economical, ecological and policy aspects. • In 2017, the first international NGO meeting, where our CEO Mel Kroon was present, took place to kick off a joint fact finding process concerning the ecological aspects of large scale wind farms and an energy island.• Ongoing work with relevant ministries on requirements for stakeholder management consultations for national environmental plan NOVI. • Give local and regional authorities formal role in consultation processes that will see mid-term RCR approach phased out. • Work on developing sustainable data platform • Work with NGOs to achieve government ambitions on offshore wind energy. • Build relationship with new governments in the Netherlands and Germany and provide detailed follow-up energy transition ambitions. • Continue to position our views on Clean Energy Package (CEP) (ROCs, ACER recommendations etc.) with relevant stakeholders.
Local communitiesInformative and close involvement on various projects Local participation and interaction• Proactive interaction with local communities and authorities for several cabling projects (110/150 kV) and substations, during planning phase and landscape planning. • Proactive interaction on new offshore wind projects and new 380 kV overhead line projects • Interaction online and offline on several initiatives with local communities, boosting our relationships in the region. • As a pilot, monitoring the sentiments and topical issues for local communities in the Netherlands. • In Germany, stakeholder activities regarding the two large DC cable projects (SuedLink, SuedOstlink) attracted most public attention. • 80 official visitor groups in the Berlin Virtual Vision where Lex Hartman, Member of the Executive Board, conducted several tours. • Stakeholder activities including bilateral talks with politicians, land owners and activist groups. Information markets and public consultations also necessary at different planning stages in most large AC projects.• Online and offline monitoring of topical local community issues and sentiments. • Measuring and monitoring stakeholder communication in standardised quantitative and/or qualitative measurement tools.
MediaClose involvement• Positioned TenneT’s central role in the energy transition. • Secured media understanding of our role as a key player in the development of offshore wind energy. • Broad national and international media attention in the expansion of the North Sea Wind Power Hub consortium.• Continue to position the vision on the North Sea Wind Power Hub. • Share relevance and necessity of TenneT’s role in the digital transformation of the electricity grid. • Strengthen image of TenneT as a frontrunner for citizen participation. • Promote TenneT’s role in society, i.e. its CSR activities.
CustomersInformative, close involvement in various areas and contractual agreements• Set up and executed pilots for Schaufenster Intelligente Energie (SINTEG) programme. • Drove Intra-Day Congestion Management (IDCONS) concept, resulting in a test system running at ETPA and Stedin, and a design for a TenneT interface. • Developed flexibility roadmap. • Contributed to Republiq, an FRR blockchain project. • Contributed to Flexnet study on future demand for and supply of flexibility. • Prepared proposal for kW max tariff adaptation to remove cost barrier for flexible assets at times of low load. • Participated in stakeholder panels during international balancing projects. • Added functionalities to MyTenneT portal for service providers.• Complete blockchain pilots; evaluate together with partners and then scale. • Initiate internal priority actions identified in flexibility roadmap, focusing on enabling aggregator role. • Ensure follow-up to lessons learned from current/recent ancillary services pilots.
Other European TSOsClose involvement• Focused on cooperation, while EU sentiment moved in a different direction, with more national focus. • Election of Ben Voorhorst as new president of ENTSO-E. • Cooperate with other TSOs in CORE and Hansa region.• Actively seek further cooperation.
SuppliersMarket consultation, meetings and negotiations• Managed tender for contracts for Wind op Zee within budget. • Executed tender process for the German offshore cluster connection DolWin6 and new Wintrack overhead lines. • Continued Safety Culture Ladder roll-out in a series of 16 workshops for 430 suppliers. All four pilots are now SCL-certified.• Prepare and process further tenders for Dutch and German onshore and offshore wind integration projects. • Strategically expand supplier base by introducing dedicated spend category management.
Non-governmental organisation (NGOs)Informative, cooperative, consulting and involvement on project level• Held September meeting in Berlin with NGOs on energy vision for 2050 and impact on the North Sea. • Signed a contract with Limburgs Landschap for maintenance near our lines. • Launched a bird hotline with other TSOs in Germany and German environmental protection agency NABU.• Continue our constructive dialogue with NGOs and plan launch of structured approach for NGO consultation.
EmployeesClose involvement• Developed diversity policy. • Designed corporate performance management concept. • Achieved good employee survey results. • Rolled out international and extended trainee programme. • Strengthened talent pipeline for future team managers. • Decided to negotiate new collective labour agreement for the Netherlands.• Roll out diversity policy by executing and evaluating agreed initiatives. • Execute leadership team’s new performance management concept. • Evaluate and prepare introduction of new performance management concept for rest of organisation. • Attract top talent to achieve our ambitious strategic project portfolio. • Design, negotiate and implement new collective labour agreement.
Shareholders (Corporate and projects)Close involvement• Obtained shareholder approval for investments in several large onshore and offshore projects. • Updated regularly and obtained shareholder approval when necessary. • Concluded ongoing dialogue on equity financing. • Arranged company and site visits, with our CEO Mel Kroon and our CFO Otto Jager present.• Finalise discussion with Ministry of Finance on further increase of TenneT’s equity capital in short to medium term. • Hold frequent meetings with equity investors.
Debt investors and rating agenciesClose involvement and contractual agreements• Maintained our A-/ A3 credit rating and our top 25% industry-recognised CSR rating. • Negotiated and arranged additional financing in banking and debt capital markets. • Held annual roadshow.• Negotiate and arrange additional financing in banking and debt capital markets. • Manage financial risks and capital structure. • Focus and expand CSR activities.